Best Natural Breast Enlargement Pills to Increase Your Estrogen Levels

Best Natural breast enlargement pills to increase your estrogen levels

Breast Enlargement Pills

Breast enlargement pills have long been a part of the female toolbox. Different brands offer various results, but the end goal is the same: achieving natural-looking breast implants of sorts. It goes without saying that people use breast enlargement pills for many different reasons. These pills come in handy whether you’re naturally gifted with smaller breasts and want a change, or if you’re in the middle of your gender reassigning process and want your body to represent how you’re feeling.
Even if you don’t have a specific reason for using pills, your body naturally loses its estrogen levels as you grow older. This results in smaller or less full breasts, during which breast enhancement pills can help. This article goes into depth of explaining the how and why of breast enlargement pills, so you can decide if they’re going to be a good fit for your lifestyle and desired results. 

What is Estrogen? The Role of Estrogen  

Starting with the basics, in order to understand the function of breast enlargement pills, you need to understand the chemical that keeps breasts full in the first place. That is estrogen. Estrogen, also known as the female sex hormone, is what gives a woman her breasts and other female-specific qualities. 
Now, up until puberty, a child’s body doesn’t really focus on producing high amounts of these sex hormones; the main focus is mainly development of fundamental skills and body functions. But once puberty hits, all the flood gates for these hormones are opened, and everyone deals with their fair share of scraggly facial hair, weirdly changing body parts, and overall discomfort. After puberty and throughout a woman’s life, these estrogen levels are responsible for many things, including breast size and period regularity. 

Why Our Breasts Get Smaller

We all know that age takes away a lot of our youth. With age, indeed our breasts get smaller and less full, as well. That’s because our bodies are naturally producing less estrogen. This is an overarching common occurrence, especially in women going through menopause or those who have low estrogen levels to begin with. Even if you had fuller breasts in your youth, you may experience a great decrease in size and fullness with age. Luckily, you can use estrogen pills for breast enlargement. 

Low Estrogen and Menopause 

There are many medical conditions that have a symptom of or result in low estrogen levels. Take menopause for instance. This is a state that every woman goes through as she reaches her senior years. Your body drastically reduces its estrogen production, and you have the last period of your life. 
Menopause is a stressful time for many women because of the crazy fluctuation in the hormonal system. You feel like you’re going crazy because your hormones kind of are. Thankfully, while menopause is inevitable, your doctor won’t throw you to the wolves. There are certain estrogen pills you can take to combat these hormonal changes. Low levels of estrogen cause the damage, so increasing that estrogen also keeps the system running smoothly. So, now you know you need to up your estrogen, and in turn, keep your breasts looking their best. But what are the best natural breast enlargement pills to increase your estrogen levels?

Boob Enlargement without a Boob Job? 

Is it possible to get results that give you breast implant sizes without actually getting a breast implant? Long story short: yes! There are many breast enhancement pills that you can choose from to increase your body’s estrogen levels and give your breasts a little boost, given that they have one key ingredient. You may have heard of the Pueraria Mirifica. If not, this one’s for you. 

What is Pueraria Mirifica?

Pueraria Mirifica is a plant that is dried, powdered, and then used as supplements for breast growth. Found mostly in places like Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia, Pueraria Mirifica is mostly used as a dried substance in capsule form, but you can also use the tubes or stem of the plants whole to get the same effect. 
With continued use, this plant has shown great promise in increasing estrogen levels and efficiently enhancing breast growth. There have been many different lab experiments conducted to prove this theory, and time and time again, the results have been the same. 

How it Works

With Pueraria Mirifica, your body’s estrogen is slowly increased with every dosage. This slow and steady process is necessary to get your body acclimated to the elevated levels of the hormone. Even the best breast enlargement pills deliver results, but these pills perform at a very fast rate. It’s often too fast for your body to keep up, and as a result, you suffer from conditions that are found with hormonal fluctuations. This means that you may experience acne, weight gain, or a host of other symptoms that are all rooted from your pills. 
A steady dose of Pueraria Mirifica increases your estrogen slowly and safely. While this type of pill takes longer to show results, your breasts are still going to be as full and healthy as if you’d used regular estrogen pills. It’s also better for your health in general to use this slower method, as you won’t suffer from excessive or adverse side effects as a result. 
On a related note, using Pueraria Mirifica capsules instead of getting breast implants is going to be cheaper and easier for you.
If you look at the price for a 3-month supply for these pills, it costs thousands of dollars less than a surgery would. Also, there’s no recovery or wait time for you; you can continue your day-to-day activities as usual. It seems like a pretty easy decision here. 


Living with smaller breasts can be a big issue for women. Whether you’ve always had small breasts or have recently started seeing them shrink because of menopause or other estrogen issues, there is hope. Using Pueraria Mirifica pills can increase your estrogen and fill out your breasts in a safe, affordable, and easy way. Who said what makes you feel beautiful needs to be painful and expensive? Not with this pill!

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