Underarm Skin Renewal Roll On Best Natural Deodorant, Alpha Arbutin + Rice Ferment Effective, Sensitive Skin Suitable for Women and Men



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Underarm Whitening Roll On Best Natural Deodorant, Alpha Arbutin + Rice Ferment Effective, Sensitive Skin Suitable for Women and Men, Aluminum Free

  • Whitening Underarm: It is Underarm Roll On product which helps brighten underarm skin and reduce dark spots. This topical Roll On is easy to apply and help brighten underarms and other areas of the body that are dull or discolored. This product is free of hydroquinone so users don’t have to worry about any potential harm regarding discolored skin resulting from the use of this product. Best of all, the formula is derived from botanical sources, making it one of the safest skin whitening products in the market.
  • Underarm Deodorant: Eliminating body odor, getting rid of underarm odor, reducing undesirable body odor, increasing your confidence, ideal for both men and women; With the ingredient of Rice Ferment Filtrate, the roll on provides soft and unique fragrance.
  • Moisturizing and Firming Skin: Nourishing and moisturizing skin without feeling greasy, smoothening and softening skin, reducing wrinkles, tightening pores, fixing rough and bumpy skin, effectively repairing and restoring skin, and gently nurturing all skin types
  • Skin Peeling: Eliminating dead skin cell to reveal brighter and healthier skin in replace of old and degenerative skin cells caused by pollution or sunlight, giving your flawless skin a young and radiant look
    NATURAL RESULT: The use of organic natural compounds ensures maximum safety while promoting healthy results. However, please expect the results to be gradual unlike synthetic chemicals or toxic steroids.


Product Description

Rice Milk Roll On with AHA will even and brighten skin tone, exfoliate dead and degenerative skin cells off for regular use. It also helps eliminate body odor all day long and gives your skin soft and smooth.

CANAE Underarm Whitening Roll On helps even skin tone of underarms, reduce dark spots and wrinkles with light texture and natural fragrance. Rice Ferment ingredient with unique fragrance helps eliminate body odor, increase moisture levels of your skin, and minimize wrinkles on underarms, including gently peel dead skin cells. Alpha Arbutin is the effective whitening agent which can stop the melanin production at skin cells by inhibiting Tyrosinase enzyme. As a result, it enhances the whitening feature for underarms with visible results.

Regarding the main ingredients, Rice Ferment, it derives from the fermentation of yeast. We select the best rice species which are organic. That’s why consumers can rest assured that the product is derived from nature which is suitable for all skin types without causing irritation. Its texture can be absorbed deeply into skin cells, which helps reduce dullness of underarms and naturally brighten skin.

Feature Summary:

  • Brightening skin and reduce dark spots of underarms for even skin tone
  • Ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin
  • Naturally getting rid of body odor without leaving stains on clothes, ideal for all genders
  • Smooth and hydrated skin
  • Minimizing wrinkles and tightening pores
  • No sticky feeling and no pore clogging
  • Free of allergen, parabens, alcohol, aluminum salts, alcohol
  • Gently peeling dead skin cells
  • Fresh fragrance


Indication: Treatment and Recovery for people with dry and dark underarms for whitening and moisturizing skin and keeping odor free

Direction: Use twice after shower in the morning/evening

Additional information

Weight 140 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 20 cm